Netflix’s “Run On” Season 1 – Release Date, Plot, and More Updates

“Run On” is an upcoming South Korean television series that is making its way to Netflix soon. All the series lovers who have been waiting for this Netflix K-Drama will be happy to know that “Run On” will be coming this December.

Now that you know about the “Run On” series coming soon on Netflix, it is sure that you will have the wish to know everything about it. “Run On” happens to be the upcoming licensed Netflix Original K-Drama television series. Lee Jae Hoon is the creative director for the series while Park Shi Hyun serves the series as a screenwriter.

When Will “Run On” Season 1 Release?

The South Korean television series is currently all set to premiere on Netflix on December 16, 2020. Yes, the Netflix Original K-Drama series is going to release before Christmas. You will be happy to know that the series consists of a total of 16 amazing episodes. There will be new episodes premiering on Netflix every week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Netflix will be adding “Run On” Season 1 episode per week until the season finale. The last and 16th episode of the series will air on 4th February 2021. The viewers are going to get a total package of entertainment, excitement, and romance. Each and every episode of the first season of “Run On” will have a run time of approximately 70 minutes.

What About Plot Of The Series?

Undoubtedly, “Run On” will be so interesting to watch on the streaming giant. The story is all about how a former sprinter falls in love with a subtitle translator. It will be so amazing to watch Sports Agent, Ki Sun Gyeom who happens to be a South Korean National Team sprinter. He will go crazy in love for Oh Mi-Joo, a subtitle translator for movies.

The story keeps on growing interesting and exciting with the end of each and every episode. “Run On” will surely entertain you all as soon as it will premiere on Netflix.


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