Netflix’s “Taken” Series Schedules To Leave Netflix In January 2021

There is a long list of TV shows and web series that are all set to leave the streaming giant. As soon as this year will end, all the subscribers will witness several of their favorite shows to depart from Netflix. Among them will be the popular and amazing series title, Taken.

Both the thrilling as well as exciting seasons of Taken will be departing soon from Netflix. It is indeed the fact that the series did manage to create a huge fanbase. There is a large number of fans and viewers who have been watching the Taken series since it first did release back on 27th February 2017.

Taken, as you all know is an action-thriller television streaming series that most people love to watch. NBC’s Taken did only run for two seasons from February 2017 to June 2018. You must know that the series happens to be an adaptation of the movie franchise that goes by the same name.

The Taken series did mean to reprise the story of Bryan Mills and his origin. Bryan Mills happens to be the same character that Liam Neeson did play in the movie franchise. But when the second season of Taken did premiere, there was a large drop of viewers. It seems like a great number of people suddenly lose their interest in watching the Taken series. That happens to be the primary reason for NBC to cancel the Taken series.

When Will The Taken Series Depart From Netflix?

All of you should know that the Taken series gets the official confirmation to leave Netflix from January 2021 onwards. The departure date for the Taken series will be 12th January 2021. From then on, it will not be possible for any and every subscriber to watch the first and second season of the Taken series.

You can check the same on your Netflix app or browser in the extra information for Taken. Will you miss Taken when it leaves Netflix? Comment Below.


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