Netflix’s “The Tudors” Season 1-4 Leaves In January 2021

“The Tudors”, one of Netflix’s popular series will be leaving the streaming platform in multiple regions from January 2021 onwards. Fans and viewers need to prepare themselves to say bye-bye to the historical fiction TV show. It is due to the renewal license that the series gets for its new season.

We are sure that all of you will be curious to know the reason behind the “The Tudors” series leaving the streaming giant. Here’s everything you need to know about “The Tudors” Season 1 to 4 leaving Netflix in January 2021 to stream to a new platform.

In case you may not remember it all, “The Tudors” is a historical fiction television drama series. It is sure that any new viewer can easily get on track with the story plot of the series.

This TV show is set primarily in 16th Century, England. Michael Hirst is the creator and writer of “The Tudors”. The series did air back in 2007 with BBC in the UK, Showcase in the US, and CBC in Canada.

“The Tudors” did manage to successfully run for four seasons which makes a total of 38 episodes. The viewers can witness the amazing and talented cast to act so livelily in the show. The star cast of “The Tudors” series includes Henry Cavill (The Witcher), Anthony Brophy, and Guy Carleton, among others.

When and Where “The Tudors” Is Heading?

“The Tudors” series is all set to depart from Netflix from 8th January 2021 onwards. So the fans are currently left with a few weeks to catch up on the previous seasons and new episodes. The TV show leaves Netflix in multiple regions, 11 regions in total are streaming the series.

Sony Pictures Television is distributing “The Tudors” outside the US and it has all the rights to sell the show to any streaming platforms. Let us know in the comments if you will miss “The Tudors” when it leaves Netflix.


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