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New York Student falls to death while hiking

Olivia Wilson



In a tragic incident, a 20-year-old student from New York has died of falling from a cliff. She was part of a team of students that was examining and exploring the old cement caves and trails at a Kingston park. They lost their route and were returning along the ill-fated cliff.

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Katherine Vollmer hailed from Rochester and succumbed to the fall from over 150 feet height. It should be noticed that she was part of the unsanctioned hiking activity. The area that the student fell was so much inaccessible that “…it was only accessible by an experienced rope team,” as per the statement from Kingston police Department. 

The students began hiking at around 6.30 pm and set out exploring the old cement caves and trails. However, “the group became lost and found themselves at the edge of a cliff,” the statement further stated. 

The Kingston Police claim that they received a report of the fall at 9.50 pm on Monday. The recovery was not achieved until Tuesday. The reason for the delay in the rescue was the darkness and the weather conditions. 

Vollmer was found the next day, i.e. on Tuesday and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident itself. She was declared to have died as a result of the severe trauma that she suffered as a result of fall.

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