New York Woman Bodybuilder pins down the home intruder

Getting aged is not something that should affect your mind; it is just a stage of the body. This was what an 82-year-old female bodybuilder from New York proved today. When a man broke into her home, she just used her strength to pin him down. 

Photo Credit: Yahoo

Meet Willie Murphy, a resident of Rochester, New York. The award-winning bodybuilder decided not to cry for help when she found a home intruder breaking into her home Thursday night. She used her strength, and a few things in her house to get him to the task. And the things that came to her help are a table, baby shampoo, and a broom!

The intruder pounded on her door and told her he had been shot. He pleaded with her to call an ambulance, and when she did, he busted through the door to gain entry inside the house. And that is when she decided to fight him off. 

She grabbed a nearby table started to hit him. The table broke and then she used the metal legs of the table to defend herself. By the time police arrived, Willie had already “done a number on him”. 

That should not be a surprise for anyone who knows the woman. She has been a common one to be seen at the Maplewood YMCA. She has won several awards at the World Natural Powerlifting Championships. She was the Lifter of the year in 2014 as well. 

However. Willie did not want to press any charges against the intruder. She told the police that the man was “extremely intoxicated and not aware of what was going on.”


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