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      Now Facebook Messenger will warn you with pop-ups to avoid scams and impersonations

Kim Diaz



Cyber ​​criminals are using social networks like Facebook to trick certain people by posing as companies or friends to get inside information, which they can later use to impersonate the target’s identity.

Facebook is the most used social network in the world, and with it, billions of people are communicating with colleagues, friends and acquaintances every day, which carries some risk because is a platform also used by cybercriminals to scam thousands of users on a daily basis.

Facebook knows about this situation, and that’s why they are going to start send warnings through Messenger when two people who are not added as friends start a conversation. This will make it more difficult for scammers to trick users with little common sense or minors.

Thanks to this new feature, A popup will appear in the Messenger app when a person receives a message from someone who might be trying to scam you or send you potentially harmful messages. That is why the Messenger application will check if the person with whom you are having a conversation is on your friends list.

In principle, what Facebook wants is to launch this pop-up window so that it is well pronounced in the chat so that a person is aware of who they are talking to. It would not be the first time that an unknown user sends a message posing as a friend to pass the first security filter.

If someone “hacks” your Facebook account, probably the first thing they will do is change your password and prevent you from entering. But what if he doesn’t and is dedicated to spying on your Facebook account? Here we show you how to know if someone has entered your Facebook account.

Besides notifying you that this person is not on your friends list, it will also notify you about us being careful with the money claims or that you are talking to a person who has a name very similar to another who does have added, to avoid identity theft.

In this way, it is a feature that is more aimed at minors, but also at those people who, due to some mistake or lack of common sense, fall into this type of cheating and scams that are increasingly common on the Internet. .

[Vía: Ubergizmo]

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