NTT Launches $40-Billion Buyout of Wireless Unit Docomo

NTT Launches $40-Billion Buyout of Wireless Unit Docomo

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone or NTT which is a Japan-based company said that they will invest JPY 4.25 trillion to make the wireless carrier company private. They have decided to post the government orders for cuts.

NTT is planning to introduce the largest tender offer for 34% of NTT Docomo stock that they don’t own in Japan. This was informed by the company themselves. They also confirmed that they will provide JPY 3,900 per share, a premium of 40.5% to the closing price on Monday. 

Prime minister, Yoshihide Suga is determined on reducing the prices of wireless carriers. The government is expecting that the savings will inspire buyers spending in the economy.

On this Tuesday, Katsunobu Kato who happens to be the Chief Cabinet Secretary of the company said that they need to make progress on cutting down the mobile phone charges.

Jun Sawada, the NTT Chief Executive told in a news conference, that the financial base of NTT Docomo will get stronger and give them the ability to reduce prices.

Just so you know the share price of NTT dropped to 5.8% post the company considered the buyout. Even the stocks shut down 3%, while NTT Docomo ended up with 16% at its daily trade limit.

Mobile peers SoftBank and KDDI dropped to 4% with SoftBank making new record lows.

Shinzo Abe announced his thoughts on stepping down as prime minister on 28th August. This happened as investors checked the prospect of Suga, who earlier ordered price cuts.


NTT took over NTT Docomo back in 1992 as the government decided to encourage competition in the telecoms market. It may put an end to the parent-child listing which is very common in Japan if bought back.

According to Refinitiv data, NTT offered a tender at $40 billion which is one of the largest deals this year. 

After the acquisition, Docomo doesn’t have to stay answerable to the shareholders. In case, the government decides to cut prices, they will oblige. This was said by Atul Goyal, the analyst at Jefferies.

With a 34% stake, NTT still recognizes the government as its largest shareholder.

The government is putting efforts to improve competition. This is why they are supporting the entry of Rakuten into the sector.

The buyout is led with the potential to develop IoT and 5G services than regulatory pressure. This was told by Kirk Boodry, an analyst. He also added that the industry is looking for less regulated revenue streams.


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