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Latest Recruitment In OJAS: Online Job Application System For Gujarat State 

In this age of uncertainty and tumultuous economy, having a secure job is what everyone needs. There remains a question that people have to answer when they are questioning themselves regarding their future profession. Gujarat’s government has come up with the Ojas website to help the people of India secure a job. Many people do not know whether they want to be their boss or work as a professional under someone. Not everyone can make it big and establish their entrepreneurial endeavor. This is why millions of people are looking for a job in India, this very moment. 

With the overpopulation and high poverty levels that the country is facing, it is pertinent to make sure that people can find jobs faster. The unemployment rates in the country are rising at unprecedented levels. With low literacy rates, it also becomes challenging to make the candidates eligible for a lot of job profiles. Nevertheless, everyone should get the chance to earn their livelihood.

Rise Of Technology To Help The People 

This is the age of the internet, and the Indian government has realized its boon in helping to address the problem of such a vast population. It is challenging to contact and inform so many people in this vast country. Still, it is the government’s job to make sure everyone has a chance to live a good life. 

For this reason, the Government of India is trying to reduce the unemployment levels in the country. Experts have concluded that the Ojas Bharti can be beneficial for aspirants in securing them a well-paying job. The Indian government has realized that to cope with the unemployment issue; it can create accessible job websites. The country is trying to incorporate information technology in all its endeavors to make matters easy. 

In this vast country, the internet is going to help people get proper information regarding possible job vacancies. This is why these websites have been created by the government to give the people appropriate updates as well as notifications. The OJAS is one such website that is also going to inform people regarding vacancies in government jobs. 

What Is The OJAS?


In the Western part of India, Gujarat is doing a fantastic job of raising awareness about rising unemployment issues in the nation. The Government of Gujarat brings to about a great opportunity that people can grab, especially the youth of the country. They are providing this opportunity with the help of the official website called Ojas. The function of this website is to provide proper notifications and updates regarding a vacancy in government jobs. Interested candidates can then apply for these jobs. OJAS stands for the online job application system. 

Reason For Significant Job Vacancies In Gujarat

Gujarat has been blessed to have the most prominent industrial sectors located within its borders. The state has various industrial sectors, including drugs, pharmaceuticals, engineering, dairy products, textiles, petroleum, petrochemicals, minerals, cement, precious and semi-precious gems, jewelry, and ceramic. These are huge industries and require a lot of hands. These industries are a boon to the state has the generate a lot of job opportunities. 

This is why you will find that the state’s unemployment rates are much lower than elsewhere. With the help of the Ojas Online Jaherat website, you will receive proper notifications regarding government job opportunities. You can get vacancy notifications from Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC), Gujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board (GSSSB), Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board (GPSSB), Police Bharti as well as Gujarat Rojgar.

Trust In The Website With Any Worries

This is an official website created by the state government of Gujarat, so you know that the information you are receiving is legitimate. You do not have to be afraid or skeptical regarding the information that you are getting. The Maru Gujarat website gives regular updates as well as all other necessary information regarding the job application process. This website is revolutionary and will help the coming generations. It will help combat the fears of unemployment in the minds of the youth. 

Features Of The Website

The Ojas Online Jaherat website has been designed to ensure that even the most novice person will not have any issues navigating through it. Once you open the website, you will have no problem understanding where to look at what. Everything has been given in a systematic order. On the homepage, you will find a notice board shows all the necessary information regarding job vacancies. This notice board is updated regularly, and you should visit the website daily. 

If you scroll down, you will find a forum for help or answering any queries that you may have. You can submit your questions, which will be explained to you. This is a fantastic feature, as you can get all your doubts cleared with the help of this feature. The internet is a boon in our lives, and this website is a living testament to it. Another fantastic fact about the Maru Gujarat website is that it has a designated app as well. You can get your Ojas Call Letter for the job you want, right away with the help of this website and app. 

Other than that, you will notice in the right-hand corner of the homepage there is a button with white lines on it. This button can be pressed to open the menu. Here you will find out all the different categories of jobs as well as the registration process. Use the menu button to navigate through the website and see all the benefits that it can bring to your life. 

The OJAS Smartphone Application

The mobile application can be downloaded through the play store from the candidate’s Android device. Downloading the app is a much better option as you can personalize the notification in a much smoother manner. This way, you do not have to keep reminding yourself to visit the website. Still, if you do not have space in your device isn’t always rely on the website. The mobile application is only 15 MB, so it does not take up a lot of space. Your Android device must be updated to Android 4.0.3 for the app to work. 

The app has a 4.2 stars rating in Google play store. It has a lot of raving reviews which you can see for yourself. The application’s interface is as easy as the website. If you have been using the site, you will find that using the application is equally user-friendly. When you have such an amazing and useful website at your disposal, you will be very pleased. 

How To Register On The Website? 

The Ojas registrationprocess is straightforward, and it must be filled out by you to be at the top of your job hunting game. It is an OTR or one-time registration process. Just fill the form. It will let you will be registered to get all the necessary advertisements regarding job vacancies in various government commission, boards as well as departments. 

The registration process eliminates redundant tasks of filling the details over and over again for different jobs. This registration number that you will get, as well as the information that you have given, is not the deciding eligibility factor. 

To complete the registration process, the applicant has to fill out all the necessary details, as asked by the website. They also need to upload a photograph along with that signature to the website. After this, the registration number will be displayed on the screen. You can choose not to note down as the same number will be provided via a message on your phone. 

You will be able to edit the details you have provided anytime you want. You must keep in mind that once you utilize the information provided for online application, it cannot be changed. Whatever you last saved information, shall be inputted in the online form. This is why you should regularly update your data if there is any change. 

This Ojas Registration process is beneficial as you can use the information that you have uploaded every time you are applying for a post. It eliminates the process of going through the same form filling process. This can also be helpful as it reduces the risk of putting the wrong information as well as saves a lot of time. 

What Are The Pros Of OJAS?

There are several benefits to registering for the OJAS Maru Gujarat website. By now, you can understand that this website is a boon in any aspirant’s life. It makes their task of searching for job vacancy so much easier. All the benefits have been given below so that you can make an informed choice: 

  • The Ojas website provides all kinds of government job notification and alerts. 
  • It has a fantastic mobile application
  • The website lets you apply for any job application from the website
  • It will give send you information regarding government job recruitment deadlines. 
  • It gives the candidates some assurance regarding job hunting. 
  • It helps in reducing the unemployment rates in India. 
  • It helps in generating the economy of the nation. 

Eligibility Criteria That Need To Be Fulfilled By Aspirants

The following are the standard eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled by the candidates. 

  • Educational Qualification: The website is going to post job openings of different government portfolios. Most of the middle-level job postings required the candidate to be at least a graduate. The low levels of posting are mainly suited for candidates who have passed the 12th great from a recognized institution. 
  • Age Limit: Age limit for government jobs from the OJAS portal is 18 to 30 years. 

The Selection Procedure For Government Jobs

When there are thousands of applicants applying for the same position, you must understand that getting the job is not easy. Candidates would have to go through written examination and have to pass a physical test. There will also be a mock test along with a Viva. Since this is the age of technological advancement, candidates would also have to pass a typing test. The typing test has been added to the list of the selection process to check if the candidate can use a computer or not. 

Where Does The Exam Process Take Place? 

The exam process takes place in the state of Gujarat. The Gujarat Development Authority conducts the whole process. If you pass the exams, you will be given posting in the state government jobs. 

Things To Remember While Applying For OJAS Gujarat Bharti Exam 2020

  • The candidates must have a scanned copy of their passport size picture as well as a signature to upload. 
  • To apply for the various exam and job applications, the candidates have to pay via the online method. This can include credit cards/ debit cards as well as net banking. 
  • Candidates are advised to keep a printed copy of the job application. 

Safety Issues That You Should Keep In Mind While Registering For OJAS

We sometimes overlook the negative impact of the internet. This can be very problematic when you are uploading your information to it. There can be cases where illegal websites with the same name are up and running with the same name. This website set up by hackers can steal your information by pretending to be an official one set up by the government of Gujarat. This is why you should always check that you are opening the official Ojas Bharti website for all the necessary information. 

Do not trust another website that asks you for your personal information with the promise of government jobs. Only a government-approved website can deliver such promises.

The Success Of The Website

You can gauge the success of the heavy traffic that this website receives every day. Candidates visit this website with hopeful eyes for securing a government job. By the driving reviews the website has received over the years, you can understand how helpful it has been in the candidates. The success of the website is because it is one comprehensible website. Hopeful candidates get all the necessary information they need from here. 

As the need for government jobs increases, the website’s relevancy will also increase. Every day, thousands of hopeful applications register to the website. When the government created this website, did not realize that it will become so popular. The traffic the website has received over the years has led to the opening of a second website. 

The second website with different domain name ojas.gujarat.gov.in is where you will be directed even though you search for ojas.guj.nic.in. The changes took place in the year 2016. This new website gets updated regularly, and its interface is more user-friendly than the old one.


Thus, you can see OJAS a great website. In this world of uncertainty and economic hardships, enjoy the benefits of government jobs. Take the help of OJAS, a fantastic initiative by the State Government of Gujarat. Soon you will get Ojas Call Letter, and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Do not go on a wild goose chase. Just visit the OJAS website and find out all the proper job vacancies that would suit your needs.


What Job Applications Can You Expect At OJAS?

Ans: You will get notifications and updates for government jobs in the state of Gujarat from the OJAS Website. You can expect to get possible job vacancy information from the Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC), Gujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board (GSSSB), Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board (GPSSB), Police Bharti as well as Gujarat Rojgar.

What Is The Full Form Of OJAS? 

Ans: OJAS stands for an online job application system. It is a website created by the state government of Gujarat to help candidates apply for government jobs. 

What Do You Mean By OJAS OTR?

Ans: OTR means one-time registration. The OJAS website requests candidates to fill an online form to get notified about all the advertisements posted by the State commissions, boards, or departments. This has been done to eliminate the process of filling out online applications over and over again. 

What Do You Mean By Maru Gujarat?

Ans: Maru Gujarat is one of the leading websites that provides updates regarding state government jobs. Many people often search the web for Ojas Maru Gujarat, Maru Gujarat jobs, etc. The OJAS official website will have all the necessary information. 

Where Will You Get The OJAS Confirmation Number?

Ans: The OJAS confirmation number will be displayed on the screen once you have filled out the registration form. This number will also be forwarded to your phone number. 

Can The OJAS Number Be Retrieved If You Have Misplaced It? 

Ans: Yes. Just go to the website, and you will be asked to provide your mobile number as well as the date of birth. Then, the site will help you retrieve the OJAS confirmation number, which will be sent to your registered mobile number again. 

What Are The Eligibility Criteria Prescribed By The OJAS Bharti?

Ans: The eligibility criteria depend upon different government jobs, and various post openings will prescribe their eligibility criteria. Most of the mid-level positions well ask for graduates. Lower level job applications can be filled out by candidates who have passed 12th or 10th grade. 

Can You Get Job Vacancy Notification From Other States From OJAS?

Ans: No. You will only receive government job vacancies in the state of Gujarat from the OJAS website. 



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