Operation exit 2020: DGT will monitor traffic with radars, camouflaged vans, helicopters and drones

Operation Exit 2020 is about to start and the General Directorate of Traffic has already prepared to monitor the roads: it will deploy more than 1,300 radars, 15 camouflaged vans, 12 helicopters and 11 drones.

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the Director General of Traffic, Pere Navarro, have presented today the surveillance and regulation device that the DGT will deploy these two months on Spanish roads.

After the pandemic, it is clear that the summer of 2020 is going to be an atypical summerTherefore, unlike in other years, the DGT cannot make reliable forecasts of the long-distance journeys that may occur in these two months.

According to the data handled by this body, although the recovery of traffic is being progressive, there are still 20% fewer trips than in the same period in 2019 and weekend or short-term departures predominate.

After a year of testing DGT drones are already capable of charging fines if you are caught committing an offense behind the wheel, but what kind of fines can these devices put on?

Despite this scenario of uncertainty, the DGT continues to maintain the special summer operations. The first operation out of 2020 will start next Friday, July 3 and will last until Sunday, July 5, and everything is ready to watch the roads during these days.

Specifically, the DGT will control traffic with radars, cameras, camouflaged vans, helicopters and drones. In total there will be 1,324 speed control points, of which 548 will be mobile radars and 764 fixed points (80 of them section). In addition, the 12 Pegasus helicopters will also monitor speed and possible driver infractions.

Radars are already part of Spanish roads, drivers have become accustomed to living with them despite how bad it feels to be fined. However, many are not really aware of what these devices are capable of.

To control mobile phone use behind the wheel, the DGT will have 216 cameras, 15 camouflaged vans and 11 drones (three of them with reporting capacity).

In these months, the surveillance intensification campaigns that were suspended when the government decreed the state of alarm will also be recovered. So, this summer will take place a speed control campaign, another for motorists and another for alcohol and drugs at the wheel.

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