Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus is near, a more powerful version coming in July

In July Qualcomm is expected to present a new version of its latest processor for high-end devices. It will be the Snapdragon 865 Plus, a chip that will achieve greater power for the next phones that arrive in 2020.

Everything indicates that Qualcomm will repeat its strategy this year. The processor company may shortly announce the launch of a new, more powerful version of its latest chip for high-end devices.

In the middle of last year, just in JulyQualcomm surprised the industry with the introduction of a second Snapdragon 855 Plus. A more powerful version than the original 855 and that would occupy many of the high-end phones that were introduced to the market in a few months. This summer it seems that we will witness the arrival of a new version for the 865.

The user known as Ice Universe, famous for his accurate predictions within the industry, has stated that “If there’s no last-minute change, Qualcomm will officially launch the Snapdragon 865+ processor in July.“as we can read in your Weibo account.

Intel and AMD have traditionally been rivals in the field of computers. However, in recent years Qualcomm has been positioning itself as a rival in new devices.

The leaks of some phones have also left a trace that indicates this new addition to the Qualcomm family of processors. ASUS ROG Phone 3 for gamers promises to offer 3.09 GHz clock speeds, higher figure than that presented by the current Snapdragon 865.

Nothing suggests that this new version “Plus” will have other new features beyond this slight improvement in power. It already happened last year, with a model that only offered greater power and he maintained the rest of qualities and functions that his younger brother already included.

Recall that the Snapdragon 865 5G is currently the first processor capable of achieve a download speed of 2 Gbps from the provider. It has 25% more GPU power, and its fifth-generation artificial intelligence engine is twice as powerful as that of the Snapdragon 855. In terms of power, it can decode video at 8K and 30 fps and it is compatible with cameras up to 200 MP.

If the predictions are correct, in a few days we will know this new processor that will be part of the upcoming high-end mobiles that are announced in the second half of 2020. The same happened to the Snapdragon 855 Plus that ended up included in mobiles such as the OnePlus 7T Pro or the Realme X2 Pro.

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