Quibi, the vertical streaming platform, loses 92% of users after the trial period

Quibi is a platform that is committed to offering a different way of consuming series on mobiles, but it seems that the formula fails to interest users.

A few months ago all the technology media echoed Quibi’s arrival. This streaming platform promised a mobile-friendly content in all aspects and a new form of consumption for those who want to give it a try. However, it seems that it does not convince and 92% of users leave the platform after the trial period.

Quibi’s formula is as risky as it is interesting. His approach is simple: in a world where we increasingly enjoy mobile and where the content we consume is in a vertical format, why not create series of short chapters shot in vertical format and directed to the mobile? Under this premise, it was born and has released all its content, but the business model does not seem to work.

But before seeing the reasons, we recommend this video where you can see how is Quibi in a minute and what it can offer subscribers.

According to the data they have accessed on TechCrunch, “up to 72,000 subscribers out of 910,000 subscribers stayed with Quibi after their free trials finished“These indicative figures indicate that only over 8% of users decided to continue -and pay- for the service.

In April went from three months of free trial to only 14 days and so far more than 5.6 million people have downloaded Quibi on their mobiles. Although it must be clarified that there are disagreements between the data obtained from Sensor Tower and those alleged by Quibi.

Anyway, this information is not too surprising and in May articles were published that spoke about how the coronavirus was affecting the social network, both when it came to capturing users and when filming series at such a difficult time. Being such a recent platform It has not had the foresight that others like Netflix and HBO can enjoy, who have barely seen their agenda damaged at the moment.

You can now try Amazon Prime Video free for a month and with no commitment to stay. On this platform you can watch series such as American Gods, Hanna and Jack Ryan, as well as hundreds of exclusive movies.

One of the problems with Quibi lies in its very strength, innovation. Focusing on vertical and mobile formats is attractive to reach new users, but also create your own customer on the go. However, those of us who tried Quibi We observed that adaptation to this new paradigm was impeccable on a technical level, but the quality of the content was not up to standard nor motivated to continue with the series.

We will see how Quibi progresses and if he manages to get out of this crisis with enough strength to raise a project that generates as much curiosity as doubts. At the moment in the company they affirm that their future is promising.

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