Raspberry Pi 4: kits with all the necessary accessories that you can buy at a good price

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Since the first Raspberry Pi hit the market, demand has been skyrocketing a little, mainly because the successive versions have improved the capacity and power of this Mini PC, a benchmark in the market.

In the case of Raspberry Pi 4, for the first time reaches 4GB of RAM And it includes several more features that complete it, especially when it comes to wireless connectivity.

However, despite the improvements, it is still a PC that comes with practically nothing beyond its internal hardware. That makes it almost Obligatory to get an accessory kit that includes for example a box to protect it or a microSD memory card.

These are some little-known functions of Raspberry Pi, a series of uses that we can give to the motherboard to create a totally different device.

Fortunately, there are many options right now in almost any store, although it is probably Amazon that offers the greatest variety in accessories and prices.

For example, there are some accessory kits for Raspberry Pi that include everything you need to turn it into a mini console.

Basic kit with 32GB microSD

This kit is priced at just over € 100, although from time to time it is possible to find it a little cheaper. The good news is that Amazon offers free shipping for all users who buy it.

It includes a 32GB memory card and various other accessories, such as a USB Type-C power cable, a protective case, and a heat sink.

In relation to quality-price it is undoubtedly one of the best options, since it includes the RPI 4 Model B, so if you do not have this Mini PC, it is a pack that includes everything you need.

If you don’t need a lot of processing power and don’t have much space on your table, forget about desktop computers!

Official kit, also with 32GB microSD

We now turn to another kit that is very similar to the previous one, at least for the elements that make it up, with one difference: it is the official one, although the distributor is not the Raspberry foundation.

It has the official colors of the product, red and white, so if you want to customize it without going too far from the lines marked by the manufacturer, it is a pretty good option.

Its price is € 109 right now, very similar to the previous one.

To mount your own tablet

If you already have the Raspberry Pi and simply want to do something different with it, why not mount a tablet? You can do it with this pack that includes an LCD touch screen and everything you need to connect it.

It costs around € 30 and is perfect for the little hands, those who have already tried everything with their PC and want to go one step further.

As it exceeds the price set by Amazon, shipping is totally free to any part of Spain.

Gaming kit with 64GB microSD

This pack of accessories for Raspberry Pi is somewhat more expensive, although it is worth it since it comes with a higher capacity card, which also includes the operating system already preloaded on it.

It also has a pair of controls that you can connect to the Mini PC to play any retro game that you can install on it, precisely one of the most common uses for Raspberries.

It costs € 144 on Amazon and also includes the computer, so you won’t have to buy anything else.

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