Releases of the week on HBO: Prodigal Son, La Jungla de Cristal and more

We jump into July with a good list of premieres by the HBO platform. News for all ages and tastes with titles as interesting as the first season of Prodigal Son or the first three installments of La Jungla de Cristal.

As usual, streaming services open a new month with a long list of premieres. HBO presents several series and many new films in this first week of July that we indicate below.

Titles of all genres and for all ages, but mainly for adults. Among the series and movies that HBO premieres this week is the thriller and action genre. Movies so terrifying as Alien and mystery series like Prodigal Son, among other novelties in the catalog.

If you are not yet a subscriber to the HBO platform, you can find out everything that is hidden in their catalogs with the trial plan. You will have two weeks to enjoy completely free of all its contents and decide if you are interested in continuing to pay the subscription.

Prodigal Son and other premiere series on HBO

Heir to the novels of Sherlock Holmes and The Silence of the LambsThis series brings together everything you might like about a police story: complex crimes, the mind of a twisted serial killer, and an investigator or coroner at your height. Malcolm Bright, a forensic psychologist, shares the limelight with his father (Michael Sheen) a serial killer who went on to kill 23 people when Malcolm was young.

This relationship will provide Malcolm with the knowledge necessary to hunt down a new unscrupulous criminal and, by the way, settle pending issues with his past.

HBO premiere series

The Crystal Jungle and other film premieres

In the movies section, the month of July begins in style. The list of premieres extends to exceed 20 new titles. Among them are two sagas, the most terrifying alien, Alien and the first three installments of the Crystal Jungle for Bruce Willis fans.

We can also entertain ourselves with movies like A star has been born in its latest version with Lady Gaga as the protagonist or Dead poets society.

Premiere movies on HBO

  • The Alien Saga (Alien, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection): July 1
  • The Crystal Jungle Saga (minus the fourth installment): July 1
  • Behind the Green Heart: 1st of July
  • The jewel of the Nile: 1st of July
  • The Rose War: 1st of July
  • Dead poets society: 1st of July
  • The sweetest thing: 1st of July
  • Special bodies: 1st of July
  • The last exorcism 2: 1st of July
  • Three days to kill: 1st of July
  • Enemy at the Gates: 1st of July
  • A star has been born: July 2nd
  • Comanchería: 3rd of July
  • Wrath of the Titans: 3rd of July
  • Castaway: 3rd of July
  • The circle: 3rd of July
  • Villaviciosa next door: 3rd of July
  • The Young Billionaires Club: 3rd of July
  • The Grimm Brothers: July 5th

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