Retail marketing faces the new reality with a sense of humor

After de-escalation, businesses have to deal with new hygiene measures. Many of them have decided to take it with a sense of humor. Burger King gives away crowns one meter in diameter, to maintain social distance.

Little by little, people from all over the world begin to go outside, and shops begin to open. But the new reality requires applying new rules, such as respect social distance or not exceed 30% capacity. Rules that, for the most part, harm the business itself. How to deal with it so as not to lose income? This is where marketing comes in. And it seems that humor can be one of his best assets.

A first example that has caught our attention is the Bangkok restaurant Maison Saigon, in Thailand. So that his clients do not feel alone because the venue can only accommodate 30% of capacity and diners cannot sit at adjoining tables, he has decided to sit on empty chairs … to some cute panda bears, as we can see in the opening photo.

In Germany, Rothe Schwerin coffee gives away to its customers extravagant hats with three polystyrene tubes that serve to mark the social distance of at least one meter apart:

Also in Germany, Burger King has started giving away huge 1-meter diameter crowns, designed to maintain social distance. It is the image on the left in the opening photo of the news.

In the Burger King of Italy have opted for one more strategy aggressive: they sell a burger with triple the onion. The idea is that whoever eats it gets so onion’s breath that nobody wants to get close to it …

Sense of humor is a powerful marketing tool, and it seems to work very well in these types of situations, where people need to ease tensions and get used to these new rules of coexistence, until everything is over.

In two months it has gone from despising them, to being “highly recommended”. If you are going to put on a mask to go outside, this is what you should know.

As the whole country enters Phase 1 of the de-escalation and goes in search of Phase 2, we are sure to start seeing fun measures of this type in Spain as well. It’s time for marketing and positive advertising to do their job …

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