Samsung launches in Spanish the function that reminds you to wash your hands from your smartwatch

Samsung smartwatches can already remind their users to wash the least frequently in Spanish. Your Hand Wash application is now available in Spain.

We saw it a month ago, Samsung presented a function that was responsible for reminding us from our smart watch that we must wash our hands from time to time and in a certain way. Is named Hand Wash and now available in Spanish.

Hygiene has become the best weapon against the expansion of the coronavirus, along with the social distance. Washing our hands more often is a habit that we will have to familiarize ourselves with. thereafter, even after de-escalation has begun, as the virus is not yet gone.

Like other brands like Apple or Google, Samsung has developed its own Hand Wash system. Based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Samsung watches like the Watch Active 2, From time to time they will recommend that we wash our hands and they will time the time we dedicate to this task.

When the action starts, the stopwatch shows 25 seconds, which includes the time to open and close the tap, apply soap and rinse. It is important to review each hole or section of the hand with soap, so the WHO recommends a series of movements for washing to be effective.

The Samsung application, for its part, cannot control that the movement we make is adequate, but it does allow us to program it according to our schedules and activities. We can set to be reminded about 12 times a day that we should wash our hands and indicate the time frames between one wash and another.

Some experts point out that until we have a vaccine and effective medical treatment, security measures against this pandemic should remain active. Hence, the importance of our devices, in addition to reminding us to drink more water or walk, remind us of the importance of washing our hands more frequently.

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