Scam of fake live streams that steal money in exchange for fake bitcoins

Wherever a new opportunity exists, there will be a cybercriminal planning a new type of scam. In recent months, due to confinement, live streaming broadcasts have multiplied. AND the stalls take advantage of it to steal data and money to the innocent spectators.

A few weeks ago, coinciding with the first SpaceX astronaut mission, fake streaming on behalf of Elon Musk’s company led to gather more than 16,000 spectators, and were tempted with a scam with bitcoins.

According to TICbeat, a fake YouTube account called spaceX, which accumulated more than 130,000 subscribers, organized a false streaming showing videos of NASA conferences, simulating the minutes prior to the launch of the SpaceX rocket.

When nothing can go wrong, there is no room for experiments: SpaceX turned to “old” Linux and the C / C ++ language to control the computers of the Falcon 9 and the Dragon Crew capsule.

This false streaming reached more than 16,000 viewers, although some of them were bots that pretended to participate in the scam.

During the broadcast it was shown a QT code that offered bitcoins in exchange for a donation. The text stated that you would receive twice the amount donated in bitcoins. Of course, once the money is released … bitcoins will not appear anywhere.

It is a scam that smells a thousand kilometers, but the same thing happens with the scam of the stamp or the lottery, and there are people who keep on biting. Innocence? Greed? It is part of human nature.

To make the scam more credible, numerous bots write messages in chat giving thanks for the bitcoins received.

It seems like a gross hoax, and in a way it is. But if cybercriminals bother to mount scams of this type, it is because there are always people who sting. And they not only steal money: also data, accounts and passwords.

These protective covers prevent unwanted payments on contactless cards that use RFID or NFC. Thieves will not be able to make charges by bringing a reader close to your wallet or purse.

The advice is always the same: be suspicious of who gives you money online. Nobody gives money away anywhere. It is nonsense.

We should also add that you have to pay attention when entering live streaming. Check that it is an original broadcast, and suspect if we notice something rare. Why would I give away SpaceX bitcoins in exchange for a donation?

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