Severe weather derails normal life in large parts of the US

The severe winter weather that affected the West Coast and caused situations like flash floods in Arizona and surrounding areas has now been moving towards the North East. This has caused cancellation of several flights on Monday. 

The storm that devastated parts of California has been inundating the northern Midwest with severely heavy rain. The devastating storm has caused several deaths as per the reports. The US has been lashed with two powerful storms. It has been causing huge blackouts, gusty winds and other weather-related hackles across the country. 

The severe weather began on Thanksgiving Day, and the effects are likely to last beyond the holiday weekend. The predictions from the National Weather Service (NWS) indicate foot snow in regions like New York and New England. It is also likely to affect areas like Pennsylvania. 

There have already been close to 500 flight cancellations and around 250 flight delays. The schools in New York City remained closed on Monday, and the governor has asked the state employees on the non-essential role to stay at home. The weather forecast has indicated the possibility of slow, wind and heavy rains throughout Monday.

Several areas of the US have been facing the wrath of weather. Most of Massachusetts is likely to get a foot f snow, Boston may heave a sigh of relief, but still, then, it is likely to get 3 to 6 inches of snow. 

The incident at Arizona should be one of the huge mishaps this year. Two children lost their lives, and one of them is still missing. Elsewhere, the weather conditions have been much severe. Minnesota, Wyoming, Colorado and several other cities have been reeling under the effects of bad weather. 

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