Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker, I’m not here anymore and all the premieres of the week on Netflix

The last week of May comes with one of the great releases of the month thanks to the Snowpiercer series: Snowbreaker, but it does not come alone and is accompanied by other science fiction series and an action movie. This week there are not too many premieres either, but a few that are very interesting.

May has been a month on Netflix where Spanish series have prevailed and surely it has not been especially satisfactory for many subscribers, although something new has always been found to be enjoyed on the platform that has more and more competition in our country. That is why it is important to know all the premieres, so that you do not miss any.

Here you have all the news that arrive in the last week of the month, May 25 to 31.

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Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker and other premiere series

Today opens the science fiction series that adapts the film released in 2013 by the director of Parasites, Bong Joon-Ho. In it the Earth suffers a frozen state and the survivors travel in a train that travels the planet at high speed without stopping at any time.

But the survivors are divided on the train by social class and they enjoy an unfair distribution of food and quality of life, an aspect that sparks a riot. The movie at the time was an interesting exercise with lots of action, it remains to be seen how the series starring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs.

Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker debuts on Netflix today.

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Other premiere series

I’m not here anymore and other film releases

Among the few Netflix film premieres for this week stands out Mexican production I’m not here anymore, a drama on a topic that is as topical as immigration.

The protagonist is a young man who you have to go to the United States after getting into a problem with drug traffickers of his city. But leaving a country is not easy and Mexico is always in her memory, she longs to return because of the loneliness she lives in her new residence.

I’m not here anymore opens on May 27.

Other film releases

  • Hunch – May 28
  • The Equalizer 2 – May 28

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