So you can get the mythical Quake I and II for free and keep them forever

They revolutionized video games years ago, and they are still being played today. Now they are yours forever.

This weekend is celebrating the QuakeCon, the traditional annual Quake convention, this year conditioned by the absence of public, so most of the events are online. To liven up the party, Bethesda offers Quake I and Quake II free forever, but the offer is only available until this morning. We show you how to get them.

Quake is about to turn 25 (it was released in 1996), but it is still played today. Doom, released two years earlier, revolutionized 3D shooters, although it was not yet a game with full 3D graphics, as the characters were sprites flat, and you couldn’t do things like move your view up or down.

Quake, from the creators of Doom, overcame these limitations by becoming iD’s first pure 3D shooter, thanks to its 3D characters and the possibility of moving in any spatial direction within the stage.

The game introduced many mechanics that are used today in multiplayer games, even some unintended ones, such as the option to fire the missile launcher at the ground to fly off and attack from the air.

If you don’t have them yet, Bethesda offers you the possibility to get Quake and Quake II completely free, and keep them forever. Offer is only valid until QuakeCon ends, which officially ends at 02:00 in the morning of Monday, August 10, Spanish time, so you only have a few hours to get them.

The only requirement is install Bethesda launcher, which has also been encouraged to sell games, such as RocksStar or Epic Games. You can download the launcher here. Install it, and create a Bethesda account, if you don’t have one.

When you log in, tap on the menu Games, after in Everything in the pop-up menu, and there choose library. You will see that Quake has been automatically added to your game collection, along with some demos and other games that are free to play.

Bethesda has said that will also give away Quake II when $ 10,000 is raised in a charity initiative at QuakeCon. The figure has already been exceeded, so the game should be added to your Library shortly.

The version offered is the original version of Quake from 25 years ago. It probably won’t work well on a modern PC, so you should use a Mod like vkQuake or WinQuake, which change the old boot file for a more modern one.

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