SPC Introduces First Microsoft Teams Certified Work Video Call Bar

SPC presents a new product for its business catalog focused on telework and remote meetings. A new bar with camera and certified by Microsoft Teams to facilitate the use of the tool in video calls.

Video call meetings and telecommuting seem to be here to stay. For many companies, video calls have been a lifesaver in maintaining collaboration at work in the days of COVID-19, and products like the one just introduced by SPC can be very helpful.

Yealink VC210 Teams Edition It is the first bar designed for business collaboration that has been certified by Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s video calling tool. Its design has focused mainly on promoting the communication possibilities offered by Microsoft’s video and chat platform.

Designed to install in meeting rooms or offices, this bar can be connect to a monitor or touch screen via HDMI cable. It also integrates WiFi connection, Bluetooth, a camera and a support to place on top of a shelf or screen.

Working from home is a good measure of work-life balance, but it can also become an ordeal if you don’t know the right tools.

Your camera offers a quality of 4K Ultra HD video with auto framing and 120 degree viewing angles. We can use it individually or with meetings of several people, but avoiding having to gather all attendees in the same room.

If we connect the bar to a touch screen, we can control the meeting with gestures to be able to get away from the screen or we can also interact with other participants with the function through the whiteboard function that offers Microsoft Teams. In addition, it includes a remote control to change the settings and configuration during the meeting.

As it is certified by Microsoft Teams, it is easily complemented by this collaboration tool, which has recently increased its number of participants. up to 300 members in the same online meeting.

From SPC they ensure that its installation is a matter of a few minutes and thanks to its Android-based plug & play technology and its compact design. Finally this bar is compatible with the Yealink CP900 portable speaker, that can be seen in the main image, with HD audio and 12-hour autonomy that connects via Bluetooth or USB and is placed in the center of the room.

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