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      Spiders, lizards and a yeti among the ‘easter eggs’ that Jeep hides in their vehicles

Kim Diaz



The easter eggs Easter eggs are a tradition in the United States. So it is not strange to find them in vehicles. TikTok users have been having fun searching the easter eggs of Jeep SUVs, and the truth is that some are very curious and original.

An easter egg is a little secret hidden in all kinds of places, from a computer program to a movie, a video game, or in this case, a car. It refers to the chocolate eggs that are given to children on Easter day, which hide a surprise inside.

The American manufacturer Jeep has been hiding little secrets in their vehicles for a while, and their owners love to find them. Especially children. On TikTok, the videos that discover them have gone viral. In this one, for example, we can see how this Jeep model hides a spider that says Ciao baby!, in a corner of the fuel tank lid:

@ jackiefoster40

EPJEEP WAS REALING TRYING TO GET ME.🕷🤦🏼😂 ## fyp ## jeepsoftiktok ## spider

♬ original sound – jackiefoster40

We don’t know if these fun details are randomly placed, or each car model has its own easter egg.

In the opening photo of the news you can see in more detail the curious spider of the fuel tank, as well as a yeti that appears in one of the edges of the window of another Jeep.

But apparently there are many more. Also extracted from TikTok, we have this curious metallic lizard, and a tribute to the legendary convertible jeep of the 50s:

If you want to see other examples, in JK forum they have compiled different ones. From roofs and X-shaped headlights, to new convertible jeeps on the wheels.

It has to be said that Jeep It is not the only car brand dedicated to hide easter eggs in their cars. Tesla, for example, also does it, although in this case it is in its software. Take a look at Tesla’s Christmas Easter Egg.

[[Source: Interesting Engineering]

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