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Star Trek Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes of Deep Space Nine

Andy Sanders



In case you’re a hardcore Trekkie, you in all probability already find out about What We Left Behind; the crowd-funded documentary that appears again on the legacy of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And if, you don’t, the greatest solution to describe the doc is that it’s a snapshot of a selected fandom, curated by somebody who helped create that fandom in the first place.

Producer and showrunner Ira Steven Behr wasn’t the creator of Deep Space Nine (that might be Rick Berman and the late Michael Piller), however, he definitely is the greatest advocate of the sequence nowadays. In What We Left Behind (a riff on the present’s sequence finale titled “What You Depart Behind”), Behr interviews the expansive solid, crew, numerous writers, and followers of Deep Space Nine. The result’s a sentimental — if just a little uneven — retrospective of the beloved, and maybe most misunderstood, Star Trek sequence of all time.

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This week, after a number of non-public and conference screenings, What We Left Behind is out now for digital obtain for the common public.In case you’re a fan of Trek, you must completely watch it. However in the meantime, to whet your urge for food, listed here are 9 takeaways from the documentary. So sure, this can be a double spoiler pink alert: Spoilers forward for What We Left Behind and for all seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The documentary will not be for newbies.

Maybe most significantly, an off-the-cuff Trek fan in all probability shouldn’t watch this documentary except they’re already accustomed to the massive plot factors — and the primary premise — of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In case you don’t know why the United Federation of Planets put a Starfleet commander on a Cardassian house station partially run by Bajorians, this documentary will not be going to carry your hand. The doc additionally doesn’t shrink back from large spoilers about character deaths or enormous plot twists. In case you’re planning a DS9 rewatch, and also you’re just a little hazy about some of the larger reveals in the present, possibly maintain off watching this for some time.

The bodily design of the house station modified to be extra kid-friendly.

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Previous to selecting the stunning curved arches of the titular house station’s docking pylons, longtime Trek designers Denise and Michael Okuda had submitted a design for the station that made it look one thing like an oil rig in house. (Image the spaceship Nostromo from 1979’s Alien, however with much less symmetry.) Though the Okudas have been proud of the rugged early design for DS9, Rick Burmon informed them it needed to be easy, “one thing a toddler may draw.” And the relaxation was historical past. 

A hypothetical Season eight would have killed a beloved character, launched Sisko’s different son, and introduced again Part 31.

One of the most compelling elements of the documentary is the writers’ room reunion consisting of Ronald D. Moore, René Echevarria, Hans Beimler, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and Ira Behr all breaking a “new” episode of Deep Space Nine. Its a hypothetical situation, however the writers take it critically, and as the documentary explores numerous different sides of DS9’s legacy, we often verify again in with the progress of this legendary season eight debut episode.

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The most important issues to know? On this hypothetical episode, Nog is killed and Ben Sisko’s secret different son, Joseph Yates-Sisko is serving on a future model of Deep Space Nine. Behr additionally would have introduced again Part 31, which, was in any case, first created on Deep Space NineThere’s extra twists and turns than all that, however the faux- season eight episode is value the total documentary.

Avery Brooks launched Cirroc Lofton as “his son” IRL.

Although Avery Brooks didn’t document new interviews for What We Left Behind, however in on archival conference interview, he tells a younger youngster that his favourite mission as Captain Sisko was “elevating Jake.” Actor Cirroc Lofton, who performed Jake, then reveals that in the total run of the sequence, Avery Brooks behaved as if Lofton was really his son. It wasn’t bizarre technique appearing, simply deep love. Although Lofton does recall going to his “first Lakers recreation” with Brooks and being launched to strangers as his son, alongside aspect Brooks’s actual son.

Solid and showrunners each suppose the present would have had a tough time after 9/11.

Actor Nana Customer and former showrunner Behr replicate considerably uncomfortably about the concept that the heroic Main Kira Nerys was additionally a former terrorist. Neither Customer or Behr is aware of how the character would have been written or performed in a different way in a post-9/11 world, however they do understand it would have been very totally different. 

Garak was homosexual.

Early in the documentary, Behr says that whereas the present was on the air the hottest Cardassian character was simply Marc Alaimo’s Gul Dukat. However, that at this time, the hottest Cardassian character is well Andrew Robinson’s Garak. At quite a few factors, Robinson and others all verify that Garak was homosexual and that Robinson performed the character that method on function.

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Talking about Garak’s relationship with Dr. Bashir in early seasons, Robinson says “At first, all Garak needed to do was have intercourse with him.” Later in the documentary, Behr says he regrets not having Garak come out extra explicitly as homosexual in the sequence. 

Avery Brooks spoke in jazz metaphors on the set to assist fellow solid members. 

In a single scene, some visitor actors clarify how sequence lead Avery Brooks would assist to calm their nerves throughout tough dialogue sequences. Actor Casey Biggs — who performed Damar — stated that at one level, when he was having a tough time along with his traces, Brooks would simply come as much as him and say “glide…you dig?” After that, a number of solid members all describe Brooks as somebody with the thoughts of a jazz musician. 

Numerous army veterans say Deep Space Nine represents them.

In a transferring section towards the finish of the documentary Behr and Aron Eisenberg (Nog) discuss their experiences with energetic service members or veterans who all cite DS9 as a touchstone. Almost breaking down in tears, Eisenberg says that after Nog had his leg blown off on the present that veterans would typically inform him at conventions that his portrayal of a wounded vetran helped them get by way of numerous traumas. 

The HD-Remastered scenes are wonderful.

For devoted followers, the spotlight of the documentary could very nicely be the attractive high-definition remastered scenes taken from the sequence itself. Not like The Authentic Collection and The Subsequent Era, each Deep Space Nine and Voyager haven’t been launched on residence video with HD remasterings. This implies, even in case you stream DS9 on Netflix (or Amazon or CBS All-Entry) the image high quality will merely not be nearly as good as TNG or TOS.

However, as a result of What We Left Behind remastered key scenes to be used in the doc, it provides a small style of how wonderful a brand new, and crisply spruced-up DS9 may look. Right here’s hoping followers and pundits are proper; and that What We Left Behind opens the wormhole as much as a brand new launch of DS9 in HD. 

What We Left Behind — Wanting Again at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  is offered for buy on iTunes and numerous different digital media retailers.  

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