Strides Pharma From Bengaluru Develops Drug To Fight Covid-19

Strides Pharma From Bengaluru Develops Drug To Fight Covid-19

Strides Pharma from Bengaluru develops drug to fight Covid-19

As the Covid-19 outbreak is increasing all around the world, every organization is trying to come up with a cure to fight with this virus. Well, many organizations have failed to create one but the Strides Pharma from Bengaluru announced that they developed a drug named Favipiravir Antiviral tablets. 

They stated that positive outcomes and results came out from this drug against Covid-19 globally. Originally the Toyama Chemical in has a drug named Avigan, this is a generic version of that drug. Japan developed this drug to fight influenza and treat the patients. After the outbreak of Coronavirus, this drug was studied in different countries, among all other drugs. 

Strides Pharma From Bengaluru Develops Drug To Fight Covid-19

According to Strides Pharma, the antiviral medication drug Favipiravir, which is used in Japan for influenza was tested by China and many other countries to fight with Covid-19. The results of these tests were positive as the drug helped to reduce Covid-19 duration and improved the state of lungs of the patients. So, using this drug can improve the overall health of a patient without a doubt. 

Strides Pharma produces this drug in its flagship facility which is situated in Bangalore, India. This facility has the power and capability to produce more than 6 billion drugs annually. This is approved by all the big organizations like MHRA, USFDA, TGA, and WHO along with others. 

Since the news came out, changes came quite easy to detect in the share market as Strides Pharma market share increased by 18%  and the overall Sensex was more than 1%. There are a total of 2 variations available for this tablet such as 200mg and 400mg. The drugs are getting exported to GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)  by Strides Pharma. Also, they came with an arrangement with an API manufacturer for Favipiravir supplies. 


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