Tesla cars found to have two-way charging – can connect to your home network

Time after they have been put up for sale, new features and possibilities continue to be discovered with the Tesla Model 3. If recently the different possibilities that the camera that integrates these vehicles will have were advanced, in recent hours it has been announced that its charging system works bi-directionally.

As you can understand, this bi-directional loading would allow Tesla vehicles to charge other cars, as well as send electricity to equipment or back to the grid. We talk about the possibility, because currently is not activated.

Through an update in the software of the Tesla Model 3 this function could be activated: the teams are ready And, as they explain in Electrek, only with a change in the software could the electrical load output be enjoyed.

This discovery has come from the hand of an electrical engineer, Marco Gaxiola, who was investigating the characteristics of the Tesla Model 3, has not left the same company as yet has not ruled on the matter.

According to Gaxiola, energy can be transformed and go in the reverse direction thanks to the converter between AC and DC that has installed in the vehicle, the technology V2G – Vehicle to Grid.

Even so, It is unknown whether this type of function could lead to more rapid deterioration of the batteries., which would require a long investigation. Even if it is quite likely that Tesla has data on this aspect: the discovered technology is not the result of chance, but has been installed in this way for a specific purpose, although it has not been advertised.

We will see if Tesla informs about this detail that can suppose an interesting extra feature for some drivers in exceptional situations.

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