The ‘100’ Season 7: The Updates On Release Date, Cast And Everything Fans Need to Know! – Honk News

The ‘100’ Season 7 : The Updates On Release Date, Cast And Everything Fans Need to Know! – Honk News 

Time is getting close towards the 7th season of the popular web series “The 100”. Fans are eagerly waiting for the season to come with more excitement and surprises. This season is going to be the final season of the 2014 web series and it will air on Netflix. 

Fans are still recovering from all the shocks and unexpected deaths of season 6 that took away two major characters. Apart from that, the series has teased the viewers about time travel, introduced with a dark commander, left them with many theories. Fans are excited for season 7 as the season 6 ending lest us with a lot of questions. 

Release date of The 100 Season 7

The ‘100’ Season 7- Release Date

The head of the show Jason Rothenberg told in the interviews that he is planning for an ending in season 7 that will satisfy the fans. He also said “I am satisfied. I think it’s a pretty emotional and powerful ending”. Questions that coming into the fan’s mind are “Surviving after dissolving in the green mist is possible?”, “Is Octavia dead by the stabbing of Hope?”, and many more. All of these answers will be questioned in the 7th season which is starting from 20th May 2020 announced by CW. 

The cast of The 100 Season 7

The ‘100’ Season 7- Cast

Fans will get to see some major cast from the past seasons of the series. Some of the characters are Bellamy Blake played by Bob Morley and Clarke Griffin played by Eliza Taylor. Apart from that, some other characters include Octavia Blake played by Avgeropoulos, Raven Reyes played by Lindsey Morgan, Dr. Abigail Griffin played by Paige Turco, and John Murphy played by Richard Harmon. There are no reports about the casting of Christopher Larkin and Henry Ian Cusick. So, tighten your seatbelt and wait for the surprises in the 7th season of “The 100”.  

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