The Aibo robot puppy will now wait for you outside the door when you get home from work

Thanks to a recent update, Sony’s Aibo robot puppy can now approach the front door to greet us when we get home from work, a feature that brings it a little closer to what meat-and-bone dogs do.

He Sony’s Aibo robot It has a new update whereby you will be able to wait for us at the door when we return to our home after a hard day at work.

The Aibo robot is a great success in Japanese territory, especially among the veteran public, since many see it as a replacement for real domestic animals, in a phenomenon that even celebrates birthday parties in favorite places.

Now the Sony’s latest Aibo robot update He is able to predict when we return to our house and will sit patiently in front of the front door until we return, just like our real pets do.

Of course, the first time we want our robot puppy to wait for us in front of the door we will have to configure it, and this is done through the signage of the place and a specific phrase, and with this the robot will already store the exact location in its memory for the next time you are not at home.

If the user has configured the robot well, once the main door is opened, the puppy will get up and greet, although the failure and error rate of this system is currently unknown.

Sony continues to bet heavily on this robot puppy, and last November they released an interesting update that trained the robotic animal to go to the bathroom and also to feed it virtually with cookies, along with the possibility of custom programming.

Aibo robots are not exactly cheap since they are around $ 2,900, but given that the minimum wage in Japan is much higher than the Spanish one, it does not entail a large economic investment for the type of adult audience it is aimed at.

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