The cars that finally enter the Moves II Plan

A little further down you can see the list of cars that enter the Plan Moves II, since the IDAE list still shows the models of the previous aid plan. On the other hand, you can check it here, in addition to being out of date, the format of the downloadable document is not so easy to open.

It is not surprising that, one week after the approval of the Plan Moves II, the cars that receive your help maximum are not yet so easy to identify through the body that coordinates efforts in energy saving and diversification in Spain. And more since they are not really that many.

At least those who can benefit from maximum aid from the Moves II Plan, which stipulates a subsidy of 4,000 euros, for zero-emission passenger cars that have more than 90 km of autonomy and is that, even if subsidized, who buys an electric car with less than that?

On the other hand, the reason that the IDAE list on Moves II is wrong quite obviously it is that in its list there are cars of all segments and the current plan stipulates that the purchase price must not exceed 45,000 euros. You can see the State contribution increased by up to 1,500 euros in the event that you scrap your old vehicle of at least seven years old.

In addition, although Moves II is not cumulative to the 2020 renewal plan, it can be added to regional aid and in the drafting of the plan it is also stipulated that manufacturers make an added commercial effort of about 1,000 euros. So some of the models whose prices rise by just over 45,000 euros could enter the list of passenger cars of the Moves II to expand it, since for now there are only 27 cars.

As you can see, there was never a better time to switch to electric cars because, unfortunately, there are still no plug-in hybrids with such autonomy. The new BMW X5 xDrive45e, with its 87 km of electric range would be close, if it were not because its purchase price (81,550 euros) moves it away from the budget limit set by law.

Thus, the list of cars within the Moves II Plan with the highest discount it remains as follows. And it aims well because it is sure to last longer than the renewal.

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