The CEO of Disney + leaves his position after a few months to sign for TikTok

In the last hours there has been a movement that can be described as unpredictable. If it is not strange to see executives who change jobs between different companies in Silicon Valley, it is strange for someone to go from one of the most important in the United States to another of the most buoyant in China, and that is Kevin Mayer, the head of Disney streaming, has resigned from his position to be CEO of TikTok.

This movement is striking for more factors besides the cultural change that may exist between the two companies. The first thing is that he abandons a project he has worked on for a long period when he is giving impressive results. He is one of the main architects of Disney +, a platform that, as we all know, is achieving great numbers wherever it is launched.

The other reason comes from the complicated political situation that exists between the United States and China. The pressure of the Trump Government towards the companies of the Asian country is significant. Although TikTok, or ByteDance, to which it belongs, has not suffered too many problems, it is experiencing a conflictive situation and this company has been accused of spying on users on several occasions.

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According to The Verge data, Mayer will start working on ByteDance on June 1st, where you will be responsible for “drive ByteDance’s global development as well as oversee corporate functions including business development, sales, marketing, public affairs, security, legal …

As CEO of TikTok, you will be in charge of directing everything that this social network offers in terms of music, entertainment or future acquisitions. The change will be important for TikTok and the manager. His western vision will surely force perspectives to vary, although it will be necessary to see to what extent it has the capacity to change what is already an entertainment giant.

Mayer’s work is backed by the great successes she has achieved with Disney and the have been able to add to Disney + a mix of great products who have convinced subscribers, now it remains to be seen what it is capable of contributing to a platform that has a gigantic number of users worldwide.

What is clear is that, after dominating the Asian country, TikTok will continue to expand in western countries and the change of command indicates its ambitions. Surely the hand of such a well-established and knowledgeable CEO of the United States helps in this work.

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