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      The coronavirus crisis will shake the video game industry in 2021, according to a specialist

Kim Diaz



Among all the sectors affected by the coronavirus crisis, videogames (on a very generic scale) is not the one that has suffered the most. Some games, like The Last of Us Part 2, have seen indefinite delays, which in most cases has been no more than a month or two. And those that were released while confinement began, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake or more notably, Animal Crossing New Horizons, have been resounding successes, breaking sales records in many places.

However, the ramifications of these production downtime months could go on for a long time, and continue to be more noticeable until well into 2021. This is how he thinks Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, who comments that the most affected developments are those of the games that were scheduled to come out in 2021. In general, the games that were to come out this year are advanced enough to be able to continue the work remotely, but this is not the case with games that are starting or halfway.

The reason is the greater difficulty of managing many different teams working at the same time in different aspects of the game, including sectors, such as motion capture or sound recording studios, which have had to come to a complete standstill.

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“If you had all the animation recorded and you were doing touch-ups on more individual areas, like textures and things like that, you’re in a better position. If you’re waiting for a place to use sound studios (be it symphony orchestras and other things) or mocap, You are blocked”, declares for Business Insider.

These same arguments emerged in Ubisoft’s annual financial results report, who are cautious about the impact that the crisis may have on current and future developments, since it depends not only on the study’s room for maneuver, but state external companies responsible for recording, dubbing, testing or location, and it is very difficult to calculate.

With the arrival of the new generation, doubts about acquiring a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One increase for those who do not have these consoles.

Spencer, however, is optimistic about the ability of the sector to react, confirming again that the development of Xbox Series X, its next-generation console, is ongoing and scheduled for the end of the year., although some “things” may not be ready for launch.

This article was published in Hobby Consolas by Javier Escribano.

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