The dog drives the unmanned car in Florida

As if there are not enough drivers available, a dog drove car doughnuts for half an hour. The incident occurred at Port Lucie in Florida, where the people found the dog trapped inside a driverless car moving on its own. The people gathered called the police and the ride was finally halted.

The driver was seemingly confused with one wrong turn and so decided to find out. Stepping out of the car, he closed the door behind. However, the dog that was accompanying him inside the car accidentally hit the gearshift and put the gear into the reverse. The dog Max was confused further as the car began taking rounds around a cul-de-sac.

The drama continued for half an hour until the police arrived at the scene. The police could stop the tyranny for the dog after they keyed in the security passcode onto the door. Luckily enough, no one was hurt during this scenario filled with suspense and frightening doughnuts movement of the car.

The car could stop finally after it hit the mailbox in a lawn. The unidentified owner of the car has promised to repair the damages caused due to the fiasco caused by his dog. Nothing else was damaged and the dog Max was reported to be fine, healthy and happy.

However, despite all the commotion that was caused by the car and the dog, it also brought a few light moments. People gathered at the site claimed that the dog seemed to have better driving skills and should be given the driving license.


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