The dream of electric scooters meets new municipal ordinances

Should they go on the sidewalk or the road? Where do you have to park them? Do you need a helmet? Before the DGT put a little order with electric scooters, there were many controversies that arose regarding its use. Over time, traffic regulations became clearer, companies with scooters on the streets also decreased, and finally, the coronavirus arrived. But now we find new changes again.

This time it is not the DGT who will impose new ordinances, but the different municipalities. One of the most forceful examples can be found in Malaga, where great changes will be seen, as reflected by MotorPasión Moto, starting with control over companies.

From the city council of the Andalusian city a control will be carried out on the authorizations that the different companies have and it will be required to have access to the geolocation of electric scooters at all times.

When it comes to buying an electric scooter, it is normal for you to have plenty of doubts. So that you know what you have to look at, in this guide we explain everything you should take into account to choose the most suitable model for you.

If they want to work in the city, they will need to have a tax address in Malaga to facilitate any complications that exist with your scooters, which should also include a 24 hour contact form of the day and insurance in the city to turn to in the event of an accident.

In addition, they will be marked areas where scooters cannot circulate and must be automatically deactivated when accessing them, such as the historical center of the city in its pedestrian area.

As in other Andalusian cities, during July some rules of use for drivers will be activated, which can go from 60 to hundreds of euros. These will be quite similar to those that exist in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​as sanctions for circulate with more than one occupant, talk on the mobile phone, travel the street or drive without reaching the age compulsory, age 16.

To all this must be added the regulations in force to control the coronavirus: driving with gloves on mandatory. At least until further notice.

In any case, a new era opens for motor fans in all its aspects, from electric scooters to cars or Formula 1, which already knows where it will be seen. As always, it remains learn and get used to new legislation.

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