The end of For Thirteen Reasons, Ghost in the Shell and all the premieres of the week on Netflix

Week loaded with news in which you can retake some important series from the platform and enjoy great film premieres.

One more week we present you all the news from Netflix and as every beginning of the month you can discover a good number of premieres. With the arrival of June numerous new series are added to the catalog and the end of others that have marked an era on the platform. In addition, you can also see multiple own films and the premiere of a few essential classics.

Although we have been home for a few months and Recording of new series and movies has stopped, Netflix releases have not, the only part where this slowdown has been noticed has been in the dubbing and the impossibility of having audios in Spanish of some series, although it seems that this problem is already being fixed.

If you want to know premieres of the first week of June on Netflix, here you have all until the 7th and the dates they leave.

Sign up to Disney + and enjoy a week for free with all its content, including classic series and movies, from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

For thirteen reasons and other premiere series

When it was released For thirteen reasons it caused a sensation, adolescent suicide had rarely been dealt with in this way. Many were encouraged to see this drama and discover the motives and life of the girl from her recordings.

This Friday The fourth and last season opens with Montgomery already in jail and a few truths to be discovered about what really happened. Clay will be the driver of this series finale that lost some strength in the previous season but from which immediate success is expected and all wounds finally closed.

If you want to see the end of For Thirteen Reasons, You can do it from June 5.

Other premiere series

If you want to laugh a little during these tough quarantine moments, take note of these fun short series available on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.

Ghost in the Shell and other film releases

Although an adaptation to a real image was made not long ago, nothing better than going back to classic based on the Masamune Shirow manga to understand what Ghost in the Shell meant when it was released in 1995.

This cyberpunk classic is a Action packed anime where Motoko Kusanagi must locate one of the most dangerous hackers that exist and find out what you plan. But beyond the plot, what is interesting are the multiple topics it deals with and its validity to this day.

Ghost in the Shell premiered on Netflix today and you can watch it now.

If you think we don’t have enough to fear on our planet, we’ve compiled the best alien invasion movies you can watch right now on Netflix, HBO, and Prime Video. Take note!

Other film releases

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