The film that Tom Cruise will shoot in space advances

The new film in which NASA and Elon Musk and Tom Cruise participate, in which the actor will perform sequences in real space, already has a director.

While there are plenty of pretty exciting film projects in the making, none are quite as spectacular as the fact that NASA is working with Tom Cruise to shoot a movie in space, something that is sure to become a milestone in film history.

Still without an official title, this action movie will take Tom Cruise to shoot on the International Space Station itself joining forces with the SpaceX program of the billionaire Elon musk and the POT, although nothing is yet known about the plot of the tape.

However, it has already been confirmed who will be the director who will be behind the cameras for this ambitious project. Is about Doug Liman, a filmmaker who has already worked with Tom Cruise on the film At the Edge of Tomorrow, who will also act as producer and screenwriter of the film, of which he has already written a first draft of the script.

This time, Liman and Cruise will join forces and travel to outer space and the International Space Station to shoot the film. Although it is unknown how much footage from the film will be shot there, it seems that most of the plot would focus on space, recreating dangerous situations as realistic as possible.

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