The fines they can put you for not wearing the mask in the car

With more than 70% of the population in phase 3 of the de-escalation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and less than a week after the end of the sixth and last extension of the state of alarm, the “New normal” it is a goal that is within reach. Although restrictions will be relaxed to negligible levels, there will still be some limitations and obligations that we will have to fulfill in the coming months, at least until the disease has been reduced to zero or there is a vaccine to eradicate it. In this way we ask ourselves, What is the fine that you can get for not wearing a mask in the car?

And is that mask, gloves and disinfecting gels, as well as social distancing, will continue to be part of our routine, of this “new normal” that is about to be implanted. So it is important then, to know in which cases the use of the mask is mandatory, either when we are walking on the street or if we travel by car or motorcycle.

There are occasions when, if we do not use a mask, we can be penalized with an economic fine, since it breaches the rules and puts ourselves and the rest of the people around us at risk of contagion. To a certain extent, the mask and its correct use will be essential for avoid a regrowth of COVID-19 in a few months, thus preventing more people from losing their lives as a result of this fateful disease.

When should you wear a mask in the car?

So, When is the use of the mask in the car mandatory? The Ministry of Health has stipulated that the mask will be mandatory both by car, van, truck and motorcycle, as long as we travel with people who are not cohabitants, that is, they do not reside at the same address. If they all live together, for example in the case of a family, the car can reach its maximum occupancy (of seats) without using the mask.

However, if people who do not reside in the same home, for example, coworkers or friends, travel in the vehicle, the use of the mask will be mandatory, and it will be maintained some social distance. In this way, the number of seats occupied is restricted. If the car has five seats, they can only occupy up to four seats, leaving the rear central free. If the vehicle has seven seats, its occupancy is limited to five, and if it has nine, six.

In the case of traveling two people not living together on a motorcycle, the mask will be mandatory for both occupants as long as they do not equip a full face helmet with a screen. In vans and trucks, the same protocol will be followed as in conventional tourism.

What is the fine for not putting a mask in the car?

In order to comply with the use of the mask in those cases in which it is mandatory inside a car, a economic fine of 100 euros for users who do not comply with this rule.

This article was published in Autobild by Aarón Pérez.

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