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      The Huawei smart bracelet is on sale for € 19.90 and reaches two weeks of battery

Kim Diaz



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Measuring values ​​such as steps, calories or sleep quality with a small device such as a bracelet is something that is not only available to anyone, but can also be done at a surprisingly low price.

For example, a smartband that does all this and more is the new Huawei Band 4e, a low cost model that you can buy for just 19.90 euros on Amazon.

This low cost smartband has a long battery life, water resistance and OLED screen.

It is a clear alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, not so much the most recent, the Mi Band 4, since it does not have a color screen and its features are somewhat different.

Of course, if you are looking for one smart bracelet that is cheap, that measures all values ​​well and that you can also see even in broad daylightThis can be a good option.

Its OLED panel is the secret of good visibility and also of battery life, of about two weeks depending on the brand, something that far exceeds most devices in the sector, although it remains a little below what it achieves. the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

It also has a “Basketball mode” that allows you to measure all the movements you do in this sport just by activating it and putting the bracelet on the shoe. It is something new and that no other model offers.

You have decided to take care of your health and get in shape, so you are going to buy a smart bracelet. The problem is that there are so many, and so similar to each other, that it is difficult to tell them apart. This guide will help you choose the one that best suits you.

The Huawei Band 4e is a reduced version of the standard Band 4, which is also quite cheap since it costs just 24.90 euros, this one with a color screen.

As its price does not reach 29 euros, the shipment does not come free of charge unless you add some other accessory or you are an Amazon Prime user, in which case the shipments have no cost regardless of the price of the product.

If you want, you can take advantage now to sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial month.

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