The low cost Chinese electric car that offers 280 kilometers of autonomy

Not all electric cars should be expensive. We echo the launch of a Chinese electric vehicle with a battery to take into account that it could soon be seen in large cities.

The automotive industry looks askance at China and the progress it is making in electric cars. With the paradigm shift that goes hand in hand with electrification, the problems in Germany or the drop in sales of the American brands, from China some alternatives that may conquer future drivers, such as the ORA R2.

ORA R2 belongs to the manufacturer Great Wall. Almost unknown in our country, one of its brands, ORA, has reached an agreement with BMW to work and share technology. With their next ORA R2 car they will offer an option for the city that will have an interesting price and quite acceptable benefits for day to day.

The most advertised of this car low cost are their 33 kWh batteries that, according to the manufacturer, are capable of offering 350 kilometers of autonomy, although everything indicates that in real use with the WLTP standard it remains in 280 kilometers on a single charge, a fairly acceptable figure.

As its design shows, this will be a vehicle especially suitable for urban traffic and commuting to work. The engine it will bring will be somewhat more powerful than expected, with 46 kW, about 63 CV. Still its maximum speed is unknown. It is expected to be useful also for intercity trips, but surely not for motorways.

One of the aspects taken into account with the ORA R2 is to offer a striking and elegant design that, without being ostentatious, achieves convey a certain robustness and elegance. Aspect for which it has also been chosen colors that provide their own identity to this model that will slightly exceed 3.50 meters, as we read in Forococheselectricos.

As for the sale price, an official figure is still unknown, but It is expected to be around 9,000 euros in the Chinese market. It seems a very option to consider, right?

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