The new version of Skype launches predefined backgrounds and a new grid view

The new update for Skype now allows us to choose from a wide variety of predefined backgrounds for video calls, and also increases the number of participants visible on the screen to a maximum of 12 simultaneous users.

Skype has just released a new version that includes interesting features that will allow it to stay among the most popular applications behind Zoom and Google Meet.

In addition to Microsoft Teams, Skype is also being updated, and the latest version 8.62 It brings juicy news that makes the application much more thought for those online meetings that we have from work or with our friends.

While the last update to Skype brought us little change, version 8.62 that is already available revolves around a lot of new features focused on video calls, it seems that inspired by Microsoft Teams. If we were recently allowed to replace the background in video calls, now the Redmond ones have included a large set of predefined backgrounds in case you don’t want to bother carrying your own.

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In this way, in addition to being able to upload our own funds, we will now have a wide selection of presets that will get us out of trouble if we do not have an image on hand to upload at any time.

Another novelty of the new Skype is an increase in visible participants in the grid view. On mobile devices, we can now see up to nine people at the same time, while in the version of the desktop application it is increased from the nine old visible participants to the 12 current visible participants thanks to the new version.

Another interesting inclusion in this version 8.62 is that the synchronization of messages for conversations has been improved, one of the failures reported by the community.

[Vía: Neowin]

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