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      The new WhatsApp function allows you to add contacts by QR code

Kim Diaz



Adding contacts to WhatsApp very soon will be much faster and more comfortable: the platform has started testing a new function that allows you add people just by scanning a QR code. We explain how it works.

We have been hearing for several years that WhatsApp was working on a new feature to make including new people on our agenda a simpler task. The first rumors that the platform was going to allow adding contacts through a QR code first appeared in 2018, but the feature has never materialized.

This function is not something new: Various instant messaging apps, especially the Chinese ones (Line, for example) offer the option of adding contacts with a QR code for years. It is a very fast and comfortable way to add contacts, since you only have to scan the code to save it in your calendar, without copying the person’s number by hand.

Now WhatsApp is finally starting to implement this feature. At the moment it is not available for everyone, only in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, but from the specialized portal WABetaInfo, they assure that it will soon come to Android. Then, it is a matter of time before it can be used in the stable version.

We have already been able to take a look at the new feature, so we will explain how it works. When you access the Settings section of the app, you will see that next to your name the icon of a QR code appears.

Clicking on it will show your code, and your friends can scan it with the WhatsApp camera. If for some reason you want it to stop working, you have the possibility to reset it by clicking on the Reset QR Code option. A new code will be generated and the old one will stop working.

To add a new contact in this way, click on the WhatsApp camera through the application menu or click on the Scan button in the window of your QR code. Then, scan the code of the person you want to add, and voila.

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