The risk of contagion of coronavirus in swimming pools

The de-escalation phases continue to progress, and the end of the alarm state is already a near reality. With summer about to arrive, the population begins to plan their vacations and think about what they will invest their time in the coming months.

The government has already approved the new normal decree that will regulate some aspects of day-to-day life once the restrictions are completely ended. Some of the key points are the use of a mask, avoiding crowds and the early detection of new infections.

This will not prevent the population from trying to maintain as much daily life as possible, especially in the plans that most often appeal in summer: bathing in beaches, rivers and swimming pools.

Thus, it is normal to wonder if there is a risk of contagion with coronavirus on beaches, rivers and swimming pools, and what measures can be taken to minimize the danger of being infected by COVID-19.

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Experts point out that it is quite safe to swim in these spaces in times of coronavirus.

COVID-19 does not spread through water, especially if it has chlorine, since it deactivates the contagion capacity of the virus.

There is also no data to state that the coronavirus survives in salt water.

You should bear in mind that the virus is transmitted through droplets of saliva that fly through the air, which makes its contagion through the water impossible, whether on beaches, rivers or swimming pools.

As explained Los Angeles Times, there is no data that someone has been infected with coronavirus under these circumstances, so swimming in pools, beaches and rivers can be considered a safe activity.

Of course, you must flee from the crowds within these spaces. For example, If you are going to use the changing rooms, which is not recommended, it is necessary to keep the safety distance and take hygienic preventive measures.

Even once in the water you have to avoid circles or get too close to other people, since through the drops of saliva you could get infected.

Actually, it is enough to act with the same caution as in other social areas. In this way, you can enjoy the summer while minimizing the danger of contagion, and without putting other people at risk.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Enrique Fernández.

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