The simplest and safest solution to unlock the mobile when you wear a mask

The streets have been filled with faces covered by masks and if it is difficult for us to recognize friends on the street with that element covering their faces, it is normal that mobile phones do not recognize us either. Facial recognition systems have encountered this wall and we are forced to resort to other solutions.

Actually, it is important to recognize that if a facial recognition system does not recognize you when you wear a mask, because you need to see your whole face to unlock the phoneIt is a good sign that this security system works and protects our data. Although it is also a nuisance when using the mobile on the street.

Unless you have a fingerprint reader and do not have gloves on, there is no alternative but to resort to classic passwords or PIN keys of all the life we ​​seemed to have left behind. However, for Android mobiles there is still a fourth option that facilitates the use of the mobile in the days of COVID-19.

To avoid infections through the eyes, nose or mouth, it is advisable to apply a deep cleaning treatment to maintain a good level of hygiene on your smartphone. This is how you do it.

Android phones include a function for years that has gone unnoticed by many. Its about Smart Lock system, thought for facilitate the management of our passwords, as well as the unlocking of the mobile phone.

In addition to serving as a password manager, Smart Lock allows the phone to be kept unlocked in certain situations considered to be more secure. The mobile uses its location to know if we are in a safe place, such as our home or the office or home of a relative.

He also studies the Bluetooth phone connection with wearable devices such as a smart watch or headphones to know that we are close and therefore can continue disconnected. further is capable of detecting that we have the mobile on us, in a pocket or a bag while we are walking on the street and you will also feel safe not to activate the lock.

In this way, if we go down the street with the mask on and we do not want to be sticking with the password every time we go to check the phone, we can activate Smart Lock and if we carry the watch or are listening to music, for example, the phone does not it will turn off and we can use it faster without facial recognition or fingerprint reader.

It is a function that has been there a lifetime and has now become a very comfortable solution, compared to Apple’s systems that are more suspicious of privacy. This Google application that we find by default on all Android phones, we can also install it on iOS while the apple company looks for a solution to its security system.

Apple seeks solutions to face masks

On the other hand, Apple has just released an update to its software to activate the PIN or password with a simple gesture by sliding your finger up on the screen. This simple gesture prevents us from having to make several failed attempts with the mask and facial recognition so that the iPhone offers us the possibility of using the password.

It is a solution that Android already contemplated also and that works while Apple searches for the way that its facial recognition or Face ID, one of the most secure in the mobile industry, is compatible with face masks.

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