The U.S. Army has created a laser cannon capable of shooting down drones

As history has well shown, there are two races where you can see great advances in the world of technology: space and military. Both areas are place of tests for the advances that years later come into our hands or become popular, although some are complicated to do so, as will surely happen with the new United States Army laser cannon.

The threat of drones has been experienced at some times in recent years, from those with an arms purpose to individuals who are able to stop air traffic from a large airport for hours. But we already know that if a technology improves, the way to combat it also does.

The United States Army has created a laser cannon capable of shooting down drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in one shot, as they have already proven. A laser that in principle has been installed on a warship, the USS Portland LPD-27, according to Xataka, but that will surely know new locations soon.

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The official page of the US Navy has advertised that on May 16 this powerful cannon was tested who shot down a military drone with a solid-state laser shot, technology that they have developed for them at Northrop Grumman.

Although the main objective of this weapon is not to destroy those drones, but regulate the power of the shot to get damage and neutralize them, an aspect where they are more advantageous than other types of tools. Furthermore, due to the type of technology used, they are more precise and allow the shot to be maintained and not be affected by all kinds of external factors that tend to destabilize shooting at flying objects.

We will see if this type of prototypes are extended in the future, but everything indicates that this will be the case, whether as a weapon of war or defense. At the moment, laser cannons are already a reality capable of shooting down flying vehicles of different sizes.

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