The video game that all car fans are waiting for is approaching

If there is a game that fans of speed hope to enjoy, that is the new Gran Turismo.

One of the best car video game sagas has a new installment. Gran Turismo 7 will come to the next console Playstation 5 And how could it be otherwise, it will do it with new cars, some features that disappeared in Gran Turismo Sport and a new technology that allows you to recreate the reflections of the cars in a more realistic way.

He GT 7 predecessorThe GT Sport ignored details that many considered essential, such as Story mode. There is also the Trial Mountain circuit, which was present in all editions of Gran Turismo.

Without a doubt, one of the strengths of this saga is cars. For now, some are known, although not all. For example, him Porsche 917K with Gulf decoration like the one in the movie Le Mans, one of the indisputable protagonists in this first installment of images that Sony has distributed.

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Sports cars like the BAC Mono also appear, which debuts in the saga. Someone who has paid close attention will also have seen a Porsche 911 GT1 ‘Strassenversion’ and a Carrera GT.

And, as our colleagues at tell us, the Gran Turismo It is usually the banner with which they show the world everything their consoles can do.

He also explained to us that “Development work on the new Gran Turismo for PS5 began more than two years ago, when Polyphony Digital confirmed that it had been modeling vehicles for months with a level of complexity unthinkable for the current generation of consoles, but that it would be compatible with technology. from PS5. The circuits, again, have been made using the most advanced techniques such as photogrammetry and satellite images

And the release date of Gran Turismo 7? Nothing has been decided yet, which could be disturbing due to all the delays in this game. However, there is good news because Sony’s marketing department is working hard to launch the Gran Turismo World Championship and make it compatible with its latest console before the start of next season.

This article was published in Top Gear by Luis Guisado.

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