The world’s first wooden wind turbine promises to be the greenest in the world

Wooden wind turbines begin to appear in Germany and Sweden. They are more sustainable, cheaper, and stronger than steel, at equal weight. And they can reach heights of more than 150 meters.

In the same way that an electric car can be more or less polluting depending on how the electricity it uses is produced, wind turbines are more or less sustainable depending on how they are manufactured. The Swedish company Modvion has already planted the first wooden wind turbine of the country, ecologically neutral, and cheaper to manufacture. In two years they will be for sale.

Most wind turbines are built from steel, so quite a bit of energy is required to make them. Modvion has developed wind turbines made of laminated wood that are cheaper, easier to transport, and much more environmentally friendly. And even stronger than steel at equal weight.

These turbines are made with sheets of wood that are joined together, to create highly resistant wooden tubes, as we see in this image:

The wood that Modvion uses is expressly planted to build the wind turbines. It is an ecological process in which trees help filter CO2 and clean the air for years, Until they have grown enough to take advantage of their wood. It is an infinitely greener process than using steel.

Further, wooden cylinders have a modular structure. Modules of 10 or 15 meters can be manufactured, easily transportable by road, and the necessary ones can be stacked until they are built. 150 meter high wooden wind turbine.

The first of these turbines is already operational in Björkö, on the outskirts of Gotemburbo. It has a height of 30 meters, and there are already others under construction. Modvion has already been commissioned to build a 110-meter tower and 10 other 150-meter wooden wind turbines.

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If everything goes according to plan, Modvion will begin marketing these wood turbines worldwide starting in 2022..

The Swedish company assures that wind energy will be the most used in Europe in 2027, and its technology will help make it even greener and more sustainable.

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