The Xiaomi scooter, on sale under € 300 and with free shipping from Spain

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One of the trends in urban transport in the midst of confusion is that many people avoid public transport as much as possible, something that seems good or bad that will happen for at least a few months. An alternative is to take the private car, although many prefer something more sustainable, such as a scooter.

Fortunately, for some time it has been more or less frequent to find offers on the Xiaomi electric scooter, the model to beat in this market. Right now you can buy it for only € 289 on Ebay if you apply the discount code PQ22020 before making the payment.

This electric scooter is the clearest reference on the market. It offers about 30 km of maximum autonomy and 25 km / h of top speed.

It is a discount that leaves it well below its normal price, especially now that demand has skyrocketed. On Amazon it is completely sold out, while other reference online stores such as PcComponentes sell it for € 370.

As you can see, in both cases they are quite far from the prices that Ebay has right now, the cheapest store to buy the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter right now. It is not the first time that we have seen a similar reduction, although perhaps now it is rarer precisely because more people consider riding a scooter as a real option.

Beyond the competitiveness of the price, something obvious, it must be borne in mind that shipping is made from Spain and is completely free. In about 72 working hours you will have your package delivered to your home by Correos Exprés.

When it comes to buying an electric scooter, it is normal for you to have plenty of doubts. So that you know what you have to look at, in this guide we explain everything you should take into account to choose the most suitable model for you.

With about 30 km of battery life (approximate and depending on the circumstances), it has more than enough rope to go and return to work if you are not too far away, as well as to explore the city without too many problems.

However, in other cases it seems little, which is why Xiaomi put the Mi Electric Scooter Pro for sale with improved autonomy, but also with a much higher price.

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