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      These are the masks for sale in Spain and the rest of Europe that you should NOT buy

Kim Diaz



The controversies with the masks have been numerous and have come from all areas: politicians, businessmen and citizens. The confusion experienced has been great and now that they can be found easily in supermarkets and pharmacies, it is when we face the problem that not all masks are reliable in preventing coronavirus.

Both in Spain and in the rest of the countries a Rise of masks that are not certified or lack adequate protection to be safe, which exposes both the people who use them and the rest of the citizens.

These models of mask do not comply with the protection regulations despite being masks of, in theory, type FFP2. They allow more particles and germs to leak out than they should. But there are Complications when blocking the product as they are models that can be found online Very easily.

In two months it has gone from despising them, to being “highly recommended”. If you are going to put on a mask to go outside, this is what you should know.

According to the information that the OCU has collected, among the masks that are not recommended by not indicating the certification followed or not retaining the necessary percentage of particles these models are found:

  • Daddy Baby. Protective Mask. Eearloop Face Mask.
  • Daddy Baby. Protective Mask. Respiratory Protection.
  • Dromex. Protective Mask.
  • Garry Galaxy Respirator Mask. N95.
  • Jtrip. Safe Mask / Fashion protective Mask.
  • LikeLove. Self Suction Filter Type Anti Particle Respirator.
  • NEP KN95 Respirator Mask.
  • Particle Filter half face Mask
  • Particle Filter Mask KN95
  • Particle Filter Mask YK01 FFP2.
  • Protective respiratory filtration “half-face mask”.
  • Sinpul. Protective Mask KN95.
  • Three Dimensional Protective Respirator (disposable respirator).

In case you have any of these at home or are thinking of buying it, remember that it is not suitable, it seems will not comply with current regulations and you may expose yourself to infections.

Kim recently joined the team, and she writes for the Headline column of the website. She has done major in English, and a having a diploma in Journalism. She has worked for more than 1.5 years in a media house. Now, she joined our team as a contributor for covering the latest US headlines. She is beautiful both by her looks and nature. She is very good with everyone in the team.