This 24-inch all-in-one computer is perfect for work or for your family for only € 449

This simple all-in-one IOX Primux 2403F computer has everything you need to study or work just by plugging it in.

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If you need a family computer where anyone can use it to connect or you simply need a computer to work without complications or to study, this all-in-one IOX Primux 2403F, with a 24-inch screen and the entire PC hidden behind.

This IOX Primux 2403F You can get it on sale at Amazon for only € 449 with the totally free shipping and also fast if you are an Amazon Prime member.

All-in-one computer with a 24-inch screen, Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. A perfect team to work or to share with your family.

This equipment has a 24-inch screen and all the components of the PC behind it. It just looks like a screen and nothing else, but you are going to save a lot of space with this type of computer.

The only bad thing is that it comes without an operating system, a task that is actually very simple because installing Windows 10 from scratch is easy and free. Then you just have to plug it in, connect the wireless keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth, connect it to your WiFi network and start using it with your work, to study or simply as a computer that you share with more members of your family.

Includes a Intel Core i3 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 240 GB SSD. More than enough features to use it for simple and everyday tasks. In addition, you can upgrade the RAM and the capacity of the SSD when you think it is necessary to give it more speed and storage capacity.

Buying a cheap laptop PC is not an easy task: you do not want to spend a lot of money, but you are also not willing to give up basic technical characteristics for the use that you are going to give it. In this guide we show you how to make the right purchase.

This IOX Primux is one of those all-in-one computers that seemed forgotten, but is actually still in vogue as a team for several people. It is also a cheap equipment if we compare it with the cost of a PC, screen, keyboard and mouse separately.

The IOX Primux 2403F All-in-One can be purchased on sale at Amazon for € 449 with free shipping.

You can get it from Amazon with fast shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. You can try it for free for 30 days without commitment since it has no permanence. If you are a university student, you can try Prime Student, it has the same advantages, but with a 3-month free trial and an annual subscription of only € 18.

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