This door lock works even with unlocked doors

How can a door be closed without a latch? You can use DoorJammer, a clever invention that can be carried in your pocket and allows you to lock any door.

On one of his trips to Mexico, British designer Von Saint ran into a problem: The latch on his hotel door was broken, and he couldn’t sleep peacefully knowing someone might be coming in. So he made the most obvious decision: he locked the door knob by placing a chair. This incident gave him the idea to develop DoorJammer, a door blocker It has already sold over 300,000 units worldwide.

DoorJammer is a kind of foot that is placed at the bottom of the door, blocking it. It is made of steel, but the key to carrying out its function is a patented system of hinges and angles that when someone tries to open the door, the force exerted is directed towards the ground, making this door lock even more secure and preventing the door from opening.

It is a very effective system that is placed in a few seconds: you just have to put it under the door and turn a key to lock it on the floor. In this video you can see how it works:

DoorJammer is sold in two formats: one portable, designed to be taken on the road, and another twice as large and resistant, called DoorJammer Lockdown, designed for businesses and warehouses.

As we see in the video is capable of withstanding direct blows of up to 50 Kilos of weight. It is practically impossible to beat unless you break the door.

To remove it, simply turn the nut in the opposite direction. It also has an emergency opening that allows it to be removed in a couple of seconds.

A must-have item for your pet while driving. This car seat belt can guarantee the safety and comfort of your pet. It is comfortable, easy to adjust and will protect your dog.

DoorJammer is intended for use in hotels, offices, schools, or when you want to temporarily block a room in a house.

We thought it was only for sale in the UK, but we have seen it on Amazon Spain for only 25 euros.

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