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      This error in iOS 13.5 makes it impossible for you to open WhatsApp or YouTube on iPhone

Kim Diaz



With the launch of the latest version for iOS 13 Many users are reporting that they cannot open certain applications that they already have installed such as YouTube or WhatsApp, in an error that has not yet been solved by those from Cupertino.

A few days ago Apple released iOS 13.5 for all its users, and an update that in addition to including a series of new features, has also brought a fateful mistake that is preventing applications like YouTube or WhatsApp from being opened.

This ruling, specifically, comes to say that “This application is no longer shared with you. To use it, you must buy it on the App Store“, And users do not have much more to do from there, simply cancel the request and remain without opening the long-awaited application.

This is not a widespread problem, but there are users affected, and therefore a certain risk. The problem is that the applications that cannot be opened are YouTube and WhatsApp, one of the most used on the market, and therefore it can cause some headaches for some users who need them both for entertainment and to communicate with friends or with their bosses, and more in the situation in which we find ourselves in confinement.

While not confirmed, this bug is likely is related to iCloud Family Sharing, an Apple mechanism that exists so that users cannot install duplicate applications. At the moment there is no universal solution that is working, but there are some users who claim that after deleting the application and reinstalling it, the system allows them to open them again.

The latest version of iOS 13 has brought a few improvements to Apple’s operating system, some focused on health and emergency issues.

[Vía: wccftech]

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