This filter is so powerful that it turns Coca Cola into pure water

Although the water that comes to us from the taps is safe for health and can be drunk, it contains impurities and residues that can cause long-term problems. Even bottled water is not free of them – microplastics have been detected in some studies. One solution may be to resort to water filters. There are many, but AquaTru claims to be one of the best. And to demonstrate it, nothing better than a very graphic example: this filter is capable of converting Coca Cola into pure water.

A can of Coca Cola is basically water with artificial colors, artificial sugars, and caffeine. AquaTru manages to eliminate these additives, leaving only pure water.

You can see the process in this video. After pouring a few cans of Coca Cola Light into the filter, we see how AquaTru transforms it into completely transparent water. With a slightly carbonated flavor, as recognized by taster, but pure water:

To achieve this, AquaTru uses a patented four-stage reverse osmosis filtering system, which filters up 82 water pollutants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrate, PFAS, and other metals and substances present in running water.

This reverse osmosis system uses three independent filters. On the one hand a carbon filter that filters sediment, chlorine, and other substances. A second filter performs osmosis that filters out harmful metals such as lead from pipes, arsenic, mercury, nitrates, etc. Finally, a third filter handles herbicides, and other substances that influence taste.

These filters are long lasting. According to their use they last between 4 months and 2 years, and can filter the equivalent of 4,500 bottles of water.

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If you’re interested, AquaTru It is for sale in Spain, through Amazon. But it is not cheap. It has a price of 400 euros.

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