“This Is Us” – Have A Look At How Marc Reacts To Kate’s Secret?

Almost all the fans and series lovers have been waiting for their favorite series, This Is Us to return. As you all are waiting for the upcoming episodes to premiere in 2021, the waiting days will be over soon. The upcoming episodes will indeed be bringing a lot of excitement, fun, and interesting twists.

Although the latest episodes of This Is Us will be enjoyable for you, they will be tough for Teen Kate. Yes, it will be possible that the situation becomes tough for Teen Kate to face in the upcoming episodes of This Is Us. The events will not be enough as Flashback Kate that Hannah Zelle did play beautifully will learn that she becomes pregnant in the season finale.

All of the fans and viewers should have a look at the exclusive photo of the This Is Us Winter premiere that will be on 5th January 2021. From what you can see in the picture, Kate is meeting again with her ex-boyfriend, Marc who happens to be abusive.

Of course, you all may figure out instantly that it will be Marc’s child in the womb of Kate. The last time we have seen the Marc character was when the family was throwing him out.

It was Rebecca, Randall, and Kevin who knows Marc has been putting Kate in danger physically. Most fans are currently wondering whether Young Kate in her teenage years will be able to tell Marc about her pregnancy. Also, how Marc will react when he will know that it is his baby.

All of you should recall that when Kate did share her pregnancy secret with Toby, she did mention her husband. She said, “some stuff that I never wanted to tell anyone. I mean, not my mom, not my brothers, and not you.”

That will indeed arise so many questions. Did Kate tell Marc about her pregnancy? Or, did Marc learn the truth and yet does not have anything to do with the child? The upcoming episode of This Is Us brings many more interesting things.


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